Organization and Leadership Development

Based on an organization’s need UW-Extension provides a one-time training, direction and information for a period of time, advice and data as needed. UW-Extension assists organizations in evaluating and understanding their need.  UW-Extension works to accommodate their information and educational needs as the organization evolves and meets at a time and location when the greatest number of people from the organization can participate.  Some subjects that UW-Extension has addressed are: understanding the local community and market, starting an organization, understanding how to operate an organization, effective meetings, strategic planning, mission and vision development, recruiting and managing volunteers and board members, effectively relating to others with a different personality temperament or from a different generation, ethics and conflicts of interest, resource development, grant proposal writing, planning special events, and ways to assess the organizations activities.  Click here to findout more details about what UW-Extension has to offer or contact Patrick Nehring at the UW-Extension Office at (920) 787-0416 or, or stop by the Waushara County UW-Extension Office located in the lower level of the courthouse in Wautoma.