Home Gardeners


Please feel free to call or stop in with your questions and also check out the UW-Extension Horticulture Website and the related links listed below for a lot of great general gardening and home pest information.

In addition we encourage gardeners and anyone who applies fertilizer to their yard to get their soil tested at least once every five years.  We offer these soil tests (for a charge) and it is so important to do them before applying anything to the ground because you are literally throwing your money away and polluting your environment if those nutrients are not needed.

To take a soil test:

  1. Break the top 6-8 inches of your soil with a shovel and try to collect an even amount of dirt from each part of the section.
  2. Do this in several different spots of the area that you want tested and mix all the soil together
  3. Mix all these samples together and bring in two cups of the mixture to the basement of the Wautoma Courthouse.


Waushara County has conducted Master Gardener Training and does have an active group of master gardeners, called Shar-A-Gardeners. This group meets regularly, holds educational events in the county, and conduct hundreds of hours of free service to the community.

All people who have completed the UW-Extensions master gardener educational program are welcome to join and this training is offered in Waushara County when 10 or more people are willing to attend. Please contact Ken Williams, Waushara County Agricultural Agent, for more information about Shar-A-Gardeners or UW-Extension Master Gardener Training.


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