Accessing Waushara Food System

Waushara County Food System

Local Produce at Waushara County Fair

Waushara County Food Connections, a sub-committee of the Vision 2020 Committee of the Waushara County Prevention Council is working on projects to maintain or increase access to food based on the following study.  One of the projects is to maintain assist in finding locations to access farm fresh produce.  Other projects are the promotion and creation of community gardensin Wautoma and Redgranite and assisting the food pantries in Waushara County.  In addition, the study was used to provide market information about for the seven grocery stores in Waushara County.  UW-Extension has been able to use the grocery store market information as a base to determine the market of communities in Waushara County, such as Coloma.

A summary of how the Waushara County Food System and Access Study is being used in Waushara County

Waushara County Food System and Access Study