Waushara’s Agricultural Extension office shares services with six surrounding counties in part of a team effort that makes highly specialized agricultural information available to every resident of each county.  This team has a website and a mission to be the primary source of research based agricultural information and education for the agricultural community in Central Wisconsin.

My specialization is in Farm Business Management and I offer programming in the area’s of financial management, budgeting, enterprise analysis, estate planning, and marketing.  We also have specialists in crops production, dairy, forage/pasture production, fruit production, livestock production, and vegetable production.  All residents of Adams, Green Lake, Juneau, Marquette, Portage, Waushara, and Wood counties are encouraged to contact any of the members of the team if their needs are that specific but we would like you to contact your counties agent for general/basic information.

Make sure to visit the seven county extension team webpage on a regular basis to keep in touch with our upcoming events.

The Waushara County office in the lower level of the Wautoma Courthouse offers:

  • Soil testing for homeowners and farmers
  • Water testing for homeowners and industry
  • Forage and feed analysis testing
  • Platt Books
  • General information on upcoming events in the county

We hope to see you stop by.