Comprehensive Planning in Waushara County

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Waushara County / Town of Aurora / Town of Bloomfield / City of Berlin / Town of Coloma / Village of Coloma / Town of Dakota / Town of Deerfield / Town of Hancock / Village of Hancock / Town of Leon / Village of Lohrville / Town of Marion / Town of Mt. Morris / Town of Oasis / Town of Plainfield / Village of Plainfield / Town of Poy Sippi / Village of Redgranite / Town of Richford / Town of Rose / Town of Saxeville / Town of Springwater / Town of Warren / City of Wautoma / Town of Wautoma / Village of Wild Rose

CountyComprehensive Plan

  • Plan Adopted December 8, 2009
  • Update Adopted March 20, 2018

Volume One: Goals, Objectives, and Recommendations


Volume Two: Existing Report

Background Report Appendix

  • The Waushara County Comprehensive Plan was developed using a bottom-up approach. Each municipality in Waushara County was asked to prepare a comprehensive plan. The municipal plans were used as the basis of the County Comprehensive Plan.
  • The Goals, Objectives, and Recommendations (Volume 1) were assembled by Schrieber Anderson Associates (SAA) with direction from the Waushara County Land Use Committee.
  • The Background Report (Volume 2) was created by East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission with direction from the Waushara County Land Use Committee.
  • The Waushara County Land Use Committee coordinated the planning effort in Wausahra County and was the committee responsible for the essembly of the Waushara County Comprehensive Plan using the municipal plans. The Land Use Committe is responsible for annually reviewing and updating the County Comprehensive Plan. Anyone interested is welcome to attend and participate. Each municipality in the county has been given the opportunity to appoint a representative to the committee. The Land Use Committee usually meets the last Monday in July at 6:30 in the Demonstration Room at the Waushara County Courthouse.
  • If you have questions or comments regarding the Waushara County Comprehensive Plan contact Patrick Nehring at UW-Extension Waushara County, (920) 787-0416,,PO Box 487, Wautoma, WI 54982.

Municipal Comprehensive Plans

Town of Aurora 

Town of Bloomfield

City of Berlin

  • Adopted January 14, 2003
  • Updated April 26, 2011
  • City of Berlin Comprehensive Plan
    • Initial comprehensive plan prepared by planimetrix.  Updates prepared by Kunkel Engineering Group and City of Berlin.

Town of Coloma

Village of Coloma

Town of Dakota

Town of Deerfield

Town of Hancock

Village of Hancock

Town of Leon

Village of Lohrville

Town of Marion

Town of Mt Morris

Town of Oasis

Town of Plainfield

Village of Plainfield

Town of Poy Sippi

Village of Redgranite

Town of Richford

Town of Rose

Town of Saxeville

  • Adopted November 16, 2009

Town of Springwater

Town of Warren

  • No existing plan
  • No plan being developed

City of Wautoma

Town of Wautoma

Village of Wild Rose

If you have any questions regarding Planning in Waushara County, please contact:

Patrick Nehring, AICP
Waushara County – UW Extension
209 S St Marie
PO Box 487
Wautoma, WI 54982-0487
Phone: 920-787-0416
Fax: 920-787-0425