Waushara County Service and Educational Needs

UW-Madison Division of Extension, Waushara County provides educational programs and information to organizations, businesses, families, and individuals in Waushara County based on local needs. UW-Madison Extension provided a summary presentation of recent research into the need of the people of Waushara County to county agencies, organizations, and departments.  The summary was based on the a Waushara County Needs Assessment Survey conducted in 2016 through the Survey Research Center at UW-River Falls, 2017 Waushara County Demographic and Economic Trends by UW-Extension Waushara County, 2018 Waushara County Economic Security Profile by UW-Extension Waushara County, and the 2016 research report, “Service Use in Rural Hispanic/Latino Populations – A Case Study: Exploring Effective Means to Community Inclusion” by UW-Extension Waushara County.  The county resources and service and educational need gaps were identified through focus group discussions with local agencies, organizations, and county departments.  A summary of this focus group discussion of local resources and resource gaps to address the services and educational needs in Waushara County includes the current agencies and departments that are providing services related to these needs and the activities of UW-Extension around these needs.  The results of this research will assist UW-Madison Extension with providing information and educational programs to address the needs of Waushara County.